Message from Kate Lahti 2020-06-05

Some (but not all) Huntsville Rec Centers are now open for doubles play at our regular club times. See the Locations & Times tab on our website for play times.  The Senior Center is still not open for pickleball, however.  Last I heard the Senior Center was hoping to open July 1 for group play.  I will update when I hear anything new.

At Dublin Park in Madison indoor play will start on June 8th until July 5th.

Pickleball gym times:

Monday Nights - 3pm - 7:45pm

Wednesday and Friday Mornings - 9am – 2pm

Sunday afternoon - 1pm – 5pm

In order to play in the gym a membership or daily walk in fee will be needed for entry. Memberships will be extended for time missed due to the recent closing of the facility. They also have placed X marks on the bleachers for places to sit. Please practice social distancing guidelines in the gym as much as possible. They will also be cleaning all pickleball equipment multiple times as well.  Four outdoor courts are also open.


For those of you playing outdoors, remember that some people who have underlying health issues are choosing to just play with a small group of people they know to have been isolating during this pandemic.  Please know that they are not trying to snub anyone by not allowing others to rotate in but are trying to protect their health the best they can and still feel comfortable playing pickleball.  If you are playing indoors, club rules about rotating in still apply.

Play on!