Message from Kate Lahti 2020-05-18

Indoor pickleball:

Barachah and Max Luther are both closed at this time for renovations.  The Senior Center is also closed and will not open until July.

Fern Bell is now open for play on Tuesday and Thursday,  9:00-11:30

Optimist is now open for play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10:30-1:00

Rec centers are not open evenings or weekends at this time.

Recreation staff would appreciate it if you would wear masks when not playing.  Bleachers will be marked with spots six feet apart for social distancing while you are waiting to play.  There is a chance that staff won’t allow more players to come in if all bleacher spots are filled.  Desk personnel will sign you in so you won’t have to touch pens.  Please say and spell your name clearly.  Would you also ask them to put a check mark by your name if your age is 60 or older?  That makes it easier for our gym representatives to do their monthly reporting. 

Outdoor pickleball:

Sandra Moon Community Complex hours are sunrise to sunset.  Courts will be lighted when recreation centers are open evenings again. Our club is looking into getting windscreens installed on the twelve new courts at Sandra Moon.  Patrick DeSantis has been putting in many hours to measure, research, and make contact with essential parties.  Thanks, Patrick, and stay tuned! 


Right now there are no dates set to teach lessons or start up leagues, per Huntsville Recreation Department.  Everything is on hold because of Covid-19.  We will start to set those things up when we are allowed.

Reminder: is not a court reservation system.  It is a tool we are using to help pull groups of players together when there are no set times for club open play. 

One more update:

I forgot to include Brahan Springs in the last email. They are open Mondays and Thursdays, 10-12:00, but they told me yesterday morning they are allowing SINGLES ONLY. I know this is disappointing for most everyone who plays there.

And clarification:

The Senior Center actually plans to open June 1. However, exercise programs at the Senior Center, including pickleball, will not be available until AT LEAST July 1.

Have fun, be safe, stay well!

Kate Lahti, Huntsville Pickleball Club president